Perfect for beginners, our Free tier offers:


  • NL Queries: Access up to 15 Natural Language queries daily to fuel your initial steps into financial research.


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Ideal for serious individual investors and professionals, our Premium tier enhances your experience with:


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  • Unlimited Queries: No daily limit! Make as many NL queries as required.
  • Custom Dashboards(Coming Soon): Personalize your dashboard according to your priorities.
  • Alerts(Coming Soon): Receive real-time alerts related to your portfolio and tracked stocks.
  • Earnings Call Summaries(Coming Soon): Avail AI-generated summaries of earnings call transcripts from your preferred companies.
  • Data Export: Export your data for additional analysis or for record-keeping.


Designed for businesses and large-scale investors, our Enterprise tier provides:


  • Bespoke Solutions: Experience features and integrations tailored to your organization's unique needs.
  • Priority Support: Enjoy top-notch service and support from our dedicated Enterprise team.
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We are always improving and adding to our offerings. Future updates will include detailed financial analytics, portfolio optimization tools, and much more. Choose the plan that fits you best and begin your smarter investing journey with Stonks.News/GPT.