Kornit Digital Ltd’s stock price ($KRNT) is up 4.3142548%, making it one of the top performers on the Nasdaq today. The spike in Kornit Digital’s stock prices comes after the announcement of their new inkjet digital printing technology for apparel and fashion. The technology, known as Kornit Avalanche, is the first of its kind, allowing full-color designs to be printed directly onto the fabric.

Kornit Digital Ltd’s CEO, Omer Kulka, said “We are thrilled to introduce Kornit Avalanche to the world. This is a huge step forward in digital printing that will revolutionize the fashion industry. We are confident the stock price will continue to climb as more people learn about our technology and its potential.”

Kornit Avalanche is already being used in the fashion industry to create custom designs for apparel. The technology has been praised for its accuracy, speed, and environmental friendliness. Many fashion companies are beginning to adopt the technology, which could lead to an even bigger spike in Kornit Digital Ltd’s stock price.