ChargePoint Holdings, Inc. (CHPT) stock has surged by 5.4203515%, according to the Wall Street Journal. This increase comes as the electric vehicle charging infrastructure company, ChargePoint, has seen a number of major investments.

The company has seen investments from Daimler AG, Honda Motor Company, and the American Electric Power Company. These major players have helped to fuel ChargePoint’s growth and success, and have contributed to the considerable increase in the stock price.

The company’s CEO, Pasquale Romano, commented on the success of the investments and the subsequent increase in the stock price. “We are thrilled that our investors have shown such confidence in our company and our vision. We believe that our technology and services are key components to the advancement of electric vehicles, and we are thrilled that the market has responded so positively.”

The company is continuing to invest in its infrastructure and has plans to further expand its reach. The stock price increase is testament to the market’s confidence in the company’s direction and its ability to bring the technology to more customers.